Therapeutic Massage

Massage is the treatment of choice for muscle problems. Therapeutic Massage addresses problems such as pain or discomfort in the back, shoulders, arms or legs. Massage maintains general health and wellbeing. It is the recommended treatment for certain conditions, especially muscle problems and maximises recovery from illness and injury.

Massage gives relief from pain and discomfort and improves mobility and range of movement. Effective massage techniques are used to clear away muscle tension in shoulders, back and limbs. Pain, discomfort or stiffness from stress, injury and long-term conditions such as arthritis can all benefit from Massage Therapy — and most people enjoy the relief it brings.

All massage therapies are effective for muscle problems arising from work, play and general life use abuse and overuse.


Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

If you have pain and discomfort in the wrist, elbow or shoulder or a more general non-specific muscle ache, then you will benefit from this kind of massage. Many people carry their tension in their neck and shoulders. This massage treatment specifically targets these parts and effectively relieves deep-seated and long standing muscle conditions.

Good body mechanics may be discussed with you and some mobility exercises recommended. This will allow you to prevent a reoccurrence and greatly improve your comfort. Head neck and shoulders massage is a useful and popular choice for office and industrial workers who often do not realise how their work has affected their muscles.

Frozen shoulders, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow all respond well to the techniques used in this type of massage. Those who suffer from headaches and eyestrain also commonly obtain improvement. A short massage session quickly produces effective results.

My own mix of massage techniques and pressure points are drawn from the Indian, Chinese and Western traditions to match your individual needs. Head, neck and shoulders massage is done in a seated position through light cotton clothing. No oil is used during the session but a blend of aromatherapy oils is beneficial between appointments.

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