Reiki is an original system of healing, which was developed by Mikao Usui, in Japan, over a number of years at the start of the 20th century.

The Japanese word Reiki means Universal energy.

The ki element of this word relates to the personal energy found in the Meridian systems of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

The rei or universal energy is tuned into and flows into your personal energy system.

Reiki is gentle and non- invasive. Sessions are usually done with the client relaxing on a couch, wearing light, loose clothing.

Most hand positions are held with gentle touch, some are placed just above the body and a few may be further off but still within your aura or personal space.

Reiki flows throughout your body and will travel to where it is needed. Hand positions are an aid to focus the Reiki energy as it enters the body.

Reiki is safe for everyone from pregnancy to old age. There are no side effects and it complements many other therapies.

Reiki is a superb relaxation treatment, which can relieve the immediate stressful feelings and impart a feeling of wellbeing. Regular professional treatment and self-treatment can support the process of personal development and growth. A single treatment may be all that is needed to recharge your batteries.

Your Reiki treatment is individual. You may experience feelings of heat or cold. You may feel light or heavy or there may be a tingly sensation. You may not be aware of anything happening at all. You will relax and many people dose and fall asleep. Your tummy may rumble. Most people find it hard to put their experience into words.

Reiki is applied to balance the individual, to harmonise.

It can help to

  • release energetic barriers
  • relax mental tension and relieve stress
  • assist the healing of physical problems and injuries
  • balance the emotions
  • improve wellbeing and enhance life

The holistic effect of Reiki on a regular basis can support you throughout your life.

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