We specialise in muscle problems, joint dysfunction and repetitive strain injuries. We can help with the aches and stiffness from being in the car for too long, to waking up with a stiff neck, arthritis, back pain and many other common ailments and conditions.

Tui-Na (Chinese medical massage), Sports Massage and Sports Therapy, Aromatherapy and Reflexology are all used to improve general health and wellbeing as well as focusing on individual problems.

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  • Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage)
    …works on the energies of the meridian system as well as the muscles of the body. A combination of massage, acupressure and joint movement is applied through light loose clothing. It is a strong effective treatment.
  • Therapeutic Massage
    …is the treatment of choice for muscle problems. It can be relaxing or stimulating, for general wellbeing or focused on a particular problem.
  • Aromatherapy Massage
    …combines the potent therapeutic properties of essential oils with that of gentle touch.
  • Sports Massage and Sports Therapy
    …are for everyone. They help you to achieve and maintain better physical condition and to recover more quickly from injury.
  • Head Neck and Shoulders Massage
    …is a deeper treatment for neck, shoulder and arm problems that focuses on dysfunction such as tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, deep seated tension, wry neck and headache.
  • Indian Head Massage
    …is a lighter, stress relieving and relaxation treatment with many general health benefits.
  • Dorn Method
    …is a gentle, effective and safe way to correct misalignments of the Spinal Column and other joints, helping relieve back pain, neck pain, headaches, hip, sciatica, jaw, knee, shoulder and many more problem areas.
  • Breuss Massage
    …is a very gentle massage that safely stretches, nourishes, aligns and energizes the spine.
  • Aqua Detox
  • Reiki
    …channels energy to areas of the body that are in need. It is gentle, safe and deeply relaxing.
  • Reflexology
    …stimulates points on the feet or hands which relate to organs and areas of the body to effect better health and energy flow. Reflexology is both effective and relaxing.
  • Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage
    …is a slow easy chillout session.
  • Hypnotherapy
    …take control of your life by using your own natural resources. A safe and relaxing way to therapy.
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)
    …develop strategies using your untapped potential. Discover how to overcome limiting beliefs. Problems discussed, identified and resolved.
  • Flower and Gem Essences
    …can help with relationship problems, emotional upheavals, and enable you to handle stress more effectively.
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
    …the gentle art of placing the fingertips over clothing on designated locks, to harmonise and restore the energy flow.

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