Sports Massage and Sports Therapy

Improve your performance!

Sports therapists apply:

  • Specialist massage techniques
  • Stretching
  • Heat treatments
  • General exercise regimes
  • Individual exercise regimes
  • Infrasound

Sports Therapy works to rehabilitate sports and work injuries, achieving quicker, better and more lasting results. Good care will also reduce the chances of injury reoccurring.

With in-depth knowledge of how your body performs, a sports therapist can identify musculoskeletal problems and optimise your performance in sport, work and leisure activities. Sports Therapy offers an integrated approach to treatment by:

  • Understanding the problem
  • Identifying the cause
  • Focusing on the injury or problem
  • Dealing effectively with secondary issues
  • Discussion of your training regime

Sports Therapy is effective for muscle injury, joint sprain and arthritis, including: back, shoulder and hip problems; locomotion and body movement; stiffness; rehabilitation from injury or illness, postural problems of head, shoulders and back. It helps to maximise your physical potential in whatever you do.

Sports Massage is designed for the special requirements of participants in sports. It can help you to achieve and maintain better physical condition and performance. If you are injured it can help you regain peak fitness more quickly.

Sports Massage techniques can help you reach your personal goals and improve your performance. With properly supervised techniques you can learn how to use your body to best effect and improve your times, your endurance, your energy levels and your results (and you can say when asked, ‘I did it all by myself’).

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